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 Sweeter than Birdsong (February 2012)

Ben Hanby writes songs  by day: by night he works on the Underground Railroad. Kate Winter will be the first female graduate of Otterbein College, but she hides a crippling secret beneath her beauty and intelligence. Ben casts Kate to sing in his new musicale for the college, but a scandal ignites a firestorm with her angry mother, who has social ambitions for her daughter. Will Kate find the courage to choose her own path, or remain trapped by her family secret?


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 Author Elliott (Fairer than Morning) creates a pleasing blend of fact and fiction in this second installment in the Saddler’s Legacy series. Hanby is best known for his song “Up on the Housetop,” and slave rescuer John Parker is a real figure large enough to seem legend. Readers will appreciate the well-told tale as well as its historical basis.      Publishers Weekly

Drawing on the life of 19th-century American composer Benjamin Hanby (“Darling Nelly Gray”; “Up on the House Top”), Elliott follows up her acclaimed debut, Fairer Than Morning, with another enchanting, inspirational tale.  Library Journal

Elliott’s second Saddler’s Legacy book contains remarkable storytelling about the abolitionist movement. The author graces the pages with imaginative accounts of people living during these precarious times. She delves deeply and intimately into the lives of the brave people who risk all for the Underground Railroad.  Romantic Times Book Reviews



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2012 two-time Carol Award winner

2011 Laurel Award winner

2011 Lime Award winner

Lifeway Fiction Favorite Reads of 2011


Fairer than Morning  (May 2011)
is the story of Will Hanby and Ann Miller, two young people haunted by the past who seek love and freedom as they assist fugitives on the Underground Railroad. Based on the true story of the Hanby family of Westerville, Ohio. Now available at bookstores across the nation and on all major bookselling websites.



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Totally enraptures the reader with love of this well-told tale based on real people...                      Historical Novels Review

Elliott gives the reader the gift of high quality historical fiction in the first Saddler's Legacy book. The suspense and romance will keep readers immersed in the story. Romantic Times Book Review

A well-written historical series debut...                                                                                         Library Journal


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 Lovelier than Daylight  (November 2012)

In 1875, Susanna Hanby travels to her sister's Ohio farm, only to find that no one is there. Her sister's alcoholic husband claims that she has run off and dumped their six children at the county orphanage, and he doesn't care. Desperate to keep the family together, Susanna seeks help from her uncle Will in Westerville.

Johann Giere is heir to a thriving German-American brewery in Columbus. When he helps a saloon owner take beer to Westerville, Johann expects a fight between the new saloon and the driest town in America. He doesn't expect to meet Susanna, a pretty temperance crusader who wins his sympathy. The small town erupts in gunpowder and fire, but Johann vows to help Susanna rescue her nieces and nephews. Susanna grows to admire him even as she detests his business. He finds her lovelier with every passing day, until they both face an impossible choice between passion and principle.

Lovelier than Daylight is a historical novel inspired by the real Hanby family of Ohio and their role in the Westerville Whiskey Wars.







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